Farm Business Management

In today’s world, farming is a complex business with many facets. From the traditional family owned farm to the corporate farm, bookkeeping, profitability, tax planning and many other skills are required to complement traditional farming duties. The farm business management program can help. There are 62 farm business management instructors across the state that deliver the course work through customized instruction. Click the links below to find an instructor near you to get started today.

Farm business management programs are designed to provide education to farm owners and operators or persons interested in farming. The purpose of the program is to assist students in meeting their business and personal goals. This is best accomplished through the use of quality records and sound business decisions. Effective financial management in the business is the best way for the business to maintain that competitive edge.


To deliver management education for decision making that achieves an individual’s business goals.


To provide educational opportunities for students to be successful in a competitive agricultural environment.

Guiding principles
  1. Improved quality of life in rural communities
  2. Achievement of student goals
  3. Awareness of the global importance of agriculture
  4. Integrity in student interaction
  5. Timely and student focused programming