Agcentric’s technology trailer

AgCentric the Northern Center of Agriculture Excellence is pleased to announce the development of a technology trailer.  The Trailer will be a showcase for new Agriculture technology related to Animal Science, Agronomy, Precision Agriculture, Horticulture and much more.

The trailer will be an opportunity for students to see, touch and use agriculture technology first hand at their school, in a camp setting or in multiple other ways.

To request the trailer for your event please contact Judy Barka at jbarka@clcmn.edu or at 320-221-0219.

Some of the exciting things we have inside are:

Drones – as increasingly popular as drones are, we need to educate people on the uses and regulations that go with flying drones. We have 3 drones available, they are the parrot 2.0 series. They have a camera for taking video.

Cow Model- get an in depth view of a cows digestive tract and internal organs including the heart, stomach (which opens up), lung and reproductive organs. the cow model comes with a curriculum workbook for the classroom.

Chicken Model – Ever wonder where a chicken’s gizzard is? Find out on our chicken model that shows lung, heart, stomach, gizzard, liver and where the egg is. the chicken model also comes with a curriculum workbook for the classroom.

Soil Compaction Probe

Soil Scanner

Hydroponic Grow Box – a unique way to grow your own food. Hydroponics is the method of growing plants in a water based medium and uses clay pellets instead of soil. In our hydroponics system we are growing lettuce, basil and swiss chard.

Snap Circuit kits -make learning about electricity fun by letting students create circuits to make various bells and whistles. There are workbooks to use as a classroom curriculum or just let students explore!

Greenseeker – a fast and easy way for farmers or agronomists to see how healthy plants are. Greenseekers use optical sensors to measure and qualify the variability of the crop. They give us a nitrogen reading of the crop that then allows the farmer to adjust the fertilizer rate.

Cut Away Engine

Technology Trailer Schedule


June 2017

3 – Stearns Breakfast on the Farm

17 – Wright County Breakfast on the Farm

24- Todd County Breakfast on the Farm



August 2017

1- 3 – FarmFest, Morgan MN

5 E. Ottertail Breakfast on the Farm



July 2017

10- 14 – MAAE Summer Conference

16 – 21 inTENse FFA immersion camp

18- 20 Technology on the Prairie

26 – Camp Explore, Winona