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AgCentric gives students the pathway to successful careers in agriculture, food and natural resources. Our educational programs are hands-on and relevant, designed with industry input to prepare students for cutting-edge careers in all types of jobs related to agriculture, including highly technical fields. An article in FFA New Horizons identifies the top 5 in demand jobs in agriculture which can be found here.


AgriGrowth Job Exchange link 

Top 5 jobs in demand in Ag


   Ag Career Wheel

CTE Agriculture Cluster

A New Field of Dreams MN Dept of Ag/ CLC Agriculture careers video


Success in a New Economy Video

Demand for Ag grads on the rise                                                                                                           job-salaries

The White House identifies more Ag grads are needed


Recruitment Challenges at Ag colleges

AG Salaries range widely across U.S.


  • 2-year career pathways in agriculture, food and natural resources that link secondary to post-secondary programs and workforce needs
  • Ag ed 2+2 transfer program
  • Internships and ag industry networking programs
  • Hands-on training


  • Farm business management program
  • Focused programs (FSA borrower training, customized training, precision agriculture certificate in GPS/GIS)
  • College in the Classroom
  • Ag career fair





Beautiful girl agronomist with note book standing in golden wheat field, combine harvesting in background



Ag Career Links





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Ag Careers

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Careers in ag videos

Utah Ag in Classroom


Episode and Article from Dirtiest jobs in America. Mike Rowe explains the demand for technical jobs.

Mike Rowe (Courtesy of mikeroweWORKS Foundation)

Courtesy of Forbes.com